Property Management

Student Housing And Assisted Living Properties

Capital Improvements

NB emphasizes value-added opportunities, targeting well-located properties that can be upgraded from extensive renovations with a more contemporary look and feel. The key will be to make cost-effective improvements that students could potentially be willing to pay a higher premium for; helping to raise rents, grow income and appreciate property value.

Value Added Investments

Our strategy is to focus on assets that cater to growing demands—in particular, niche industries such as assisted living or collegiate housing—that we believe to be stable and less correlated to market fluctuations. Further, both target demographics—college students and the elderly—are desirable demographics.

Strategic Positioning

Nelson Brothers believes that well-positioned housing for students near campus can leverage the economic stability of a major university and cater to a demand with less volatility than the macro-economy. Our strategy is to target the well located properties within walking distance of growing universities that fit within the company’s proprietary buying model.

Revenue Maximization

While every property offered is different, NB typically targets properties that are well-occupied and/or that have demonstrated stable occupancy and profitability. With today’s lower interest rates and cap rates still relatively high in certain markets, NB believes this may be an excellent time to pursue income-oriented assets.

Cost Efficiency

Nelson Brothers has the experience and skilled builders needed to deliver projects on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption of the campus community.

Specialized focus on student and elderly communities
Responsive and professional services
A team committed to excellence
Offering every convenience needed for tenants to succeed
Influencing communities to give tenants the best experience possible

Nelson Brothers Property Management Inc, based in Aliso Viejo, CA, specializes in student housing and assisted living properties throughout the country.


Nelson Brothers recruits highly qualified associates at competitive compensation. Our team members possess a strong background in customer service in anticipation that the needs of the most demanding resident will be easily met.

Our Associates

Nelson Brothers manages over 4,000 units across 10 states.

Managing Properties

Nelson Brothers is a privately-held, fully integrated, progressive, and highly-entrepreneurial commercial real estate investment and property management firm.



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